Profits made by Kapsch TrafficCom since the start of e-tolling:




For every second that passes by since the implementation of e-tolling R21 goes offshore to Kapsch TrafficCom, an Austrian based company.

To put the above figure into perspective this is what your money could have provided (As at 27/12/2013 pricing).

Loaves of bread for school feeding schemes:


Litres of 95 octane fuel in Gauteng:


Pregnancy test kits:


BigMac Burgers:


Antiretroviral tablets in the fight against AIDS:


Pairs of children school shoes:


HIV test kits:


Cases of Black Label beer (340ml):


"21 Piece" bucket of KFC:


No to e-Tolls!

We have had enough now. Much has been written about this nightmare so there is no need to go into details here but the latest blatant threats by SANRAL are beyond belief and should not be accepted by the public.It is time that we, as citizens of South Africa, stand together and show SANRAL and the current government that we will not accept any more financial burdens being enforced upon us.

E-tolling is none other than a form of tax which in this specific case has the oddity of being taxed with VAT! Where else in the world does one tax a tax?

Last year (2013) alone the government wasted/stole/misspent R30billion which could have more than paid for the road infrastructure upgrades. It's estimated that 20% of the GDP is lost to corruption annually. Stop stealing our hard earned taxes and you will have enough funds to uplift South Africa and its citizens.The only way to stop this nightmare is passive resistance.

Do NOT buy an e-tag and let the whole tolling system collapse under its own administrative weight. SANRAL and their cohorts can suck my toll-E*

*The word Toll-E is a play on the Afrikaans slang word Tollie which means a penis.

SuckMyToll-e Stickers

  1. Select the language template you require. The template is in a PDF format and will need Acrobat Reader to open it, download here if required.
  2. Print the template out on a sheet of A4 sticker paper. Available at most stationary shops.
  3. Cut out the stickers.
  4. Place the sticker either on the back of your car or inside the rear window.
  5. Distribute your extra stickers and share this website to family and friends.

Sticker templates (PDF):

Small stickers, 45mm x 210mm, are 6 to an A4 sheet (portrait) and large stickers, 95mm x 210mm, are 3 to an A4 sheet (landscape).

Afrikaans: Large (177kB) / Small (176kB) English: Large (177kB) / Small (180kB)